Map of Bangladesh

Map of Bangladesh
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Picture Book: Mariamnagor Trip

Kevin and I traveled to Dhaka and then up to Mariamnagor this week. We also stopped at Jalchatra and Pirgacha, where boxers have stayed in previous years.

It's time for a simple picture story

dancers in Diglacona, or as most Americans call it- "Little Heaven."  It is a hostel village for primary students and it is featured prominently in the Strong Bodies Fight documentary

trekking through the small mountain paths at Little Heaven- "the old boxers did it"

all the boys together again, singing Lean On Me

Leo and I with the kids

When we went to "little heaven," the kids washed our feet.  This is the second time here that I have experienced this greeting. Usually they only wash one foot, but I accidentally offered my second foot so they felt obliged to wash both of everyone's feet.  Smooth, Jeff. 
By the way, that's Father Alex, or Achu ("grandfather") in the white.  He's another living legend.  He's from the Phillipines, but has been in Bangladesh for about 50 years.  He illegally brought a special kind of dry-season rice, called Irri rice, to Bangladesh, so that people could have two harvests every year instead of one! He's an agriculture expert and actually helped develop the rice in the Philippines.

the beautiful courtyard at Moreau House in Dhaka

just a cool moth on my shirt.  I could make a book of all the interesting bugs

chattin it up with Fr. Homrick in Piragacha.  "There are 1500 freedom fighters at the border.  And they're armed with arms and ammunition"

A woman at the loom in Piragacha.  They make clothes and big pieces of cloth that can be used for many purposes.  We bought some stuff from here and were also given shirts at Jalchatra.

Another Marist Brother- Brother Eugene.  He's in Jalchatra

There are many Catholic charity compounds here.  This is the second Missionaries of Charity site we visited (The Missionaries of Charity are Mother Theresa's sisters for those unsure)

Look at those rippling muscles... not mine! His! It's odd riding on the back of rickshaws, being peddled by guys who weigh half as much of us.  I always have the urge to trade places or get off and push.

Kev, Father Pongkoj, Andrew, and Leo at Father's house in Mariamnagor- great food

some newborn lambs with mama. They go everywhere together.

Even Church! But they're not the only animals in church

Eustace, the dog, is a regular parishioner at Mariamnagor too

Don't hold your breath for more pictures from the trip, but I'll post an entirely new blog by Friday probably.  We have two weddings (one is a triple wedding) and one day trip this week.  Besides that it's back to the normal teaching schedule.

Oh and one unusual addendum- just a short list of intentions for you to help pray about:

1) A thief in a local village was caught.  They cut off his arm as punishment. He died a couple days later.

2) The brother of one of my students committed suicide yesterday.

3) A girl from the hostel in Jalchatra died of some unusually quick sickness when we were visiting

-please pray for all three of their souls and for their friends and families

4) A dear family member is getting some medical attention within the next two weeks.  Please pray that all goes well.

5) There are 7 marriages this month of June in Srimangal Parish- please pray for their faithfulness to each other and to God

6) Many friends and some family are leading or attending ND Vision and Steubenville retreats around this time of summer.  Please pray that their retreat experiences are fruitful.


  1. Hi, Jeff. You seems have a great time in Bangladesh. I and Yi wish you both happy and safe there.

  2. Very Nice Bro
    I'm From Dhaka, Bangladesh