Map of Bangladesh

Map of Bangladesh
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Bye Srimangal

Ironically, in the gospel reading at mass today, Jesus warned people not to ask for signs but rather just to have faith.  God gives signs as gifts, not on request.

Also, I sang the National Anthem for my class during our last period together.  They had just finished singing a heartfelt "Amar Shonar Bangla" (My Golden Bangla) to me, so I stood up and sang the Star Spangled Banner to them.  For the second time in my life, our national song brought me to tears.

Today we head  back to Dhaka.  We just finished delivering signed boxing gloves and pictures to each of the hostels where we have friends and students.  Our gifts were joyfully accepted, but our departure has not been tearless.  I'm not just talking about the national anthem.  Many girls were in tears, asking if we would forget them (and we haven't even left town yet, let alone the country!). 

Today will be our first time on a Bengali train.  It will be slower than bus but cheaper and less of a heartattack for me.  I'm excited to experience one because so far my only experiences have been through the movie Ghandi and when we've seen people on them, hanging half of their bodies out the window for fresh air.  I'm also excited because, as many of you know, train is my favorite way to travel in the US- we'll see if the same holds true for Bangladesh.

Also, look back at my last post if you haven't.  You may have missed the Medjugorje post because this is my second in two days.

this woman is doing double duty! In this picture we are about to celebrate mass in Nashimabad

Lehane, our wonderful hired driver (named after Fr Joseph Lehane who served this parish for 40 years)

Kevin teaching blackjack- look out for these Bangladeshis in casinos in a few years

I'll be kissing US soil soon, and singing the national anthem loud and proud,

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