Map of Bangladesh

Map of Bangladesh
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


These have been long in coming, but they're worth the wait.  The internet in the US of A is gloriously fast.

I'm back in the rush of American life- NYC tonight and tomorrow, a presentation about Bangladesh as soon as I get back to New Jersey tomorrow night, Grandma's house on Friday, the shore Saturday through Monday, dinner and a play on Tuesday, and life goes on... It's all enjoyable but certainly faster paced than Bangladesh.

my new blog about my semester in Ireland and my travels to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Scotland, London, etc will be...

enjoy the videos


ok for some reason the videos didn't load, but you can visit

to see the Bengal Bouts Shuffle that we made in Dhaka the first week 

ok so for some reason the videos won't upload here, so the easiest thing to do to see some videos is go to the Bengal Bouts Shuffle link and then click on the other videos that I have posted on youtube from Bangladesh

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