Map of Bangladesh

Map of Bangladesh
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Final Blog

This final video is the compilation of our entire summer in Bangladesh.

also, if you are interested in Donating to the Bengal Bouts cause, please visit 

Lastly, here is a list of prices for different items that are needed there....

*Price ($)
What this does in Bangladesh…
1 pen
1 pencil
1 pound of cheap rice
1 mango
1 pineapple
1 jackfruit (the national fruit)
1 school notebook
1 pound of expensive rice
Daily wage of a tea garden leaf gatherer
3 mile rickshaw ride
School fee for 1 student for 1 month at mission schoo
1 kilogram of Bengali bakery goods
1 gallon of Compressed Natural Gas (most common auto fuel here)
1 gallon diesel fuel
1 chicken
Print 30 pictures at local Fuji film shop
1 gallon of petroleum gasoline
Container with 220 pieces of candy suckers
100 mile bus ride
Pretty good quality shirt
Daily Wage of a CNG (mini taxi) driver
Handmade shirt
100 pencils
Good pair of dress shoes on sale
Hostel fee for 1 student for 1 month at mission school
Monthly salary of tea-garden laborer
High quality pair of shoes
Monthly salary of a mission school teacher
High quality local traditional drum (a must in each church)
Baby Pig
High quality Harmonium- very mini traditional “organ-esque” instrument
(a must in each church)
1 Cow
Motorbike (necessary for some missionaries in areas of difficult terrain)
1-floor, 2-classroom building for 100 students
1 used Land-Rover
St Stephen Hostel at Jalchatra- beautiful, 4-floor building with full kitchen, dining room, and study space for 200 students
2-floor, 8-classroom building for 500 students
AND 2-floor fully furnished rectory building with 5 bedrooms, full kitchen, dining room, and lounge
AND 2-floor, 4-bedroom faculty/staff building to house 12 people
AND 1-floor hostel building for 50 students

$1 million+
More land in Dhaka City
$1 million+
New proposed Notre Dame College in Mymensingh District
- 50 years ago, the Congregation of Holy Cross founded (and still operates) the most prestigious college in the country,Notre Dame College in Dhaka, which reserves 15% of its admission slots for tribal students from the rural Holy Cross parishes, like Srimangal

To Donate, please follow the link above ( ) and look for the "donations" tab, email me at, or call 908-216-2406.

The Bengal Bouts Tournament at Notre Dame begins on February 12th this year. Be there!
-more information about this is on the above website also